Those who choose to stay at B&B “AL CASTELLO” of Castelcivita (SA)will have the opportunity to live a unique experience within the walls of a structure rich in history, in the heart of the country, which still coexist style and atmosphere of the past, accompanied by a full program of things to discover and visit…the center of Castelcivita is characterized for the most part by stairs and streets which intersect with each other to form a veritable labyrinth, all along the route there are portals,arches,churches and squares  then reach the highest point of the country where there is the "Angevin Tower", military fortress dating back to XIII century d.C., that now houses the "Museum on Farming". The walk will certainly be full of ideas for original photos and you can visit: the “Church of San Nicola of Bari”, the “Church of San Cono”, the “Church and convent of Sant’Antonio by Padova” and the “Monastery of Santa Sofia” with the possibility, also,to meet and get to know the locals , being proud to talk about their traditions and moments that make up the identity of the community castelcivitese. Castelcivita, also, is one of the few countries in the valley of the "Calore" that still preserves and cultivates different religious traditions: procession of the Comet with the Baby Jesus in the holy night of Christmas and the evening of the Epiphany, the construction of altars and chapels built with hand-embroidered sheets,crochet blankets and broom flowers for the procession of Corpus Christi, the construction of the Altar of the Descent to the Thursday of Holy Week made ​​entirely from vessels where they were sown wheat or vetch, the procession of Jesus died on Good Friday, which is proclaimed beginning with the help of an ancient tool called “zerra” that reproduces the sound of thunder and lightning that tore the sky when Christ died on the Cross.    

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